Mindulf Design stackable LED planter

We have researched and reviewed dozens of vertical planters over the years and have distilled this down into our favourite indoor vertical planters. A real mix of hydroponic towers, tiered shelves and stackable gardens.

A good indoor vertical planter should be:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Or offer a yield focused benefit
  • Easy to fit into smaller spaces
  • Come complete with everything you need to get going

We have taken the same approach for outdoor vertical planters and indoor hydroponic systems too.

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The 6 Best Indoor Vertical Planters

EXO Tower

The best year-round growing tower



EXO Tower
£ 263
  • Food grade plastic
  • 46" x 12" x 12"
  • Indoor use preferred
  • Self-watering system
  • 100% money back guarantee

EXO Towers Hydroponic Tower is a modular, hydroponic system that can grow up to 4 plants per module and the system as a whole can grow up to 20 plants. It’s a fantastic starter tower with a modular, vertical design that requires minimal space and can be scaled to suit your needs.

Comes complete with:

  • 20 sites vertical garden hydroponic system
  • Filter Basket
  • Hydroponic Bucket
  • 20 x Net Pots
  • pH Test Strips & Drops
  • Reservoir & Lid
  • Supply Pipe
  • Water Pump
  • 6 Month supply of formulated plant food and nutrients.

This self-watering hydroponic system is perfect for indoor growing thanks to the lack of soil, low maintenance and high yield. And there’s a 100% money back guarantee. So even if you’re not satisfied with the product you can return it.

Mr. Stacky's Elevated Planter

The best stackable vertical planter for herbs and small fruits



Mr. Stacky's Elevated Planter
£ 73
  • Polypropylene plastic
  • 30cm x 30cm x 70cm
  • 5 tiered vertical garden planter
  • Better suited to indoor use
  • Suitable for plants and vegetables

Mr. Stacky’s Vertical Planter is a 5 tier stackable herb and fruit planter that’s, in our opinion, the best indoor vertical planter for herbs and succulents in particular. 

The polypropylene material is tough and surprisingly premium feeling. And it comes complete with:

  • 5 stackers
  • 20 plant pots – locations
  • A hanging chain
  • And a bottom drip tray

Mr Stacky also sells a 5 tier planter for £96.40 if you’re after a slightly bigger planter.

Mindful Design Stackable LED Garden

The best small stackable vertical planter with LED lighting


Mindful Design
£ 73
  • ‎Polyvinyl Chloride
  • 46cm x 30cm x 8cm
  • Tiered vertical garden planter
  • Better suited to indoor use
  • Suitable for herbs, plants and small vegetables
  • 2.68kg

Mindful Design’s Stackable LED Planter is the perfect herb and vegetable grower for your kitchen. One that features on our best overall planters page.

Neat and efficient, the stackable design makes it a real space-saver. And the bulb – 850 lumen and 4000k LED – has an automatic smart timer. So you can set a 16 hour on, 8 hours off day / night simulation without worrying about turning things off.

We use this to grow herbs in our kitchen. But ultimately you can grow anything you like. Providing it fits in the compartments.

MTB 6 Tier Metal Plant Stand

The best vertical planter stand



£ 51
  • Wrought iron
  • 43cm x 22cm x 108cm
  • Better suited to indoor use
  • Suitable for herbs, plants and small vegetables
  • 2.1kg

MTB’s 6 Tier Metal Plant Stand is an ultra-durable tiered plant stand that comes in a 5 or 6 tier option. Whilst this planter isn;t stackable or efficient for growing vegetables and plants, it is the most attractive planter on the list

Each tier can hold up to 40lbs of material. Which really belies it’s thin, rather elegant disposition.

24 Plants Hydroponic Vertical Garden

The best indoor vertical gardening system for serious growing



Ben St Pierre
£ 513
  • Wrought iron
  • 158cm x 60cm x 160cm
  • Better suited to indoor use
  • Suitable for herbs, plants and small vegetables
  • 2.1kg

ETSY’s 24 Plant Hydroponic System is the best indoor vertical system for serious growers.

Complete with grow lights and pump this 3D printed planter (yes you read that right) is an extraordinary feat of engineering. You can fit 24 plants, herbs or vegetables in just 4 square feet of space. So the yield is quite amazing. 

Complete with:

  • 8 x 3 Way tower Sections
  • 24 x Growing pots and plant tags
  • 1 x Tower lid
  • 1 x Reservoir lid
  • 1 x 12L Reservoir
  • 1 x Water pump and water filter bag
  • 6 x 2ft 40W Full Spectrum Grow LED
  • 3 x 3D Printed organic LED Brackets

Made from a plastic filament, it’s durable and simple to use. Just fill the reservoir up with water and nutrients and you’re ready to go.

Wayfair's 3 Tier Raised Growing Planter Wooden Planter Box

The best wooden indoor planter



3 Tier Planter Box
£ 223
  • Wooden
  • 106cm x 69cm x 39cm
  • Indoor use
  • Suitable for herbs, plants and small vegetables
  • 20l capacity

Deaices 3 Tier Planter Box is a wooden planter with a beautiful finish. The pine wood is excellent quality and although it requires partial assembly, is easy to setup. 

This planter is perfect for growing herbs and vegetables on the periphery of your kitchen. And the drainage holes built into the top two layers allow for cascading drainage. So all you need to do is water the top two layers, ensuring you put the vegetables / plants that need the most water and light in the top layer.

If you got tired of vertical planting this planter could be used as a shelf or storage unit.

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