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The best green wall kits to get you setup at home in seconds

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What is a Living Wall Kit?

Living wall kits are arguably the easiest possible way to setup a living wall – either indoors or outdoors – at home. 

It typically comprises:

  • A living wall planter or trough
  • Wall fixings – trellises, rawl plugs, screws etc
  • Water filters
  • Irrigation system (if required)
  • Soil (sometimes)
  • Plants (sometimes)
Green wall, vertical garden kit

The 8 Best Living Wall Kits

Savvy Grow

Our favourite living wall kit on the list


Savvy Grow

Bloom Wall
£ 74
  • 4 planters included
  • 57cm x 18cm x 18cm
  • Stackable
  • Self-watering

SavvyGrow’s Bloomwall is arguably the best self-watering green wall kit – particularly for vertical gardening. 

The smaller kit comes in at £74. You really could grow a substantial amount of food with the larger kit. 

And, rather brilliantly, no matter how many kits you buy, they will all collectively act as one self-watering system. And – whilst this wouldn’t technically be a living wall – they can be stacked horizontally. 

Self Watering Pocket Living Wall


Self-watering vertical garden wall
£ 26
  • Flower pots, planting cups, irrigation system included
  • Self-watering
  • Indoor and outdoor suitable

This Self-Watering Vertical Pocket Garden Wall Planter is a great budget-friendly option green wall kit. Best suited for people looking to inject a bit of colour – and greenery – into their lives without the fuss. This self-watering kit is a great starter.

Just screw the kit into the wall and start growing anything you like. Well, within reason. Herbs, perennials, annuals. The world – or wall – is your oyster.

One excellent feature is the absorbent cotton ropes that prevent direct root contact with the water and – thankfully – root rot.

Wonderwall - Promo Kit

Wonderwall Promo Living Wall


£ 39
  • 1 - 10 planters
  • Each tier weighs 4kg when full and watered
  • Stackable

Wonderwall’s Promo Kit is brilliant because it includes everything you need for a simple setup at home – both indoor and outdoor.

  • Stackable – you can purchase multiple kits to cover up to 10 tiers (£119.99)
  • Cost – the starter kit – whilst only covering 4 tiers m2 – only comes in at £59.99
  • Self-watering – its simple self-irrigating, interlocking system stores enough water to sustain the average plant for a week. You just need to water the top row of plants which, in turn, waters the plants below and fills the reservoir – 0.75l per planter
  • Sunlight – each planter is setup to allow each plant to gain sufficient sunlight

And each kit includes everything you need to attach your green wall securely – from planters and water filters to rawl plugs and screws. 

Wonderwall - Large Vertical Wall Kit


Vertical Living Wall System
£ 199
  • 96 planters
  • 2.3m²
  • Stackable
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor

Wonderwall’s 32 triple pot vertical garden is a giant upgrade on its promo-kit. There’s also a mini £11.99 version too!

This self-watering vertical garden is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and covers a huge space. Which in our mind make sit better suited to outdoor walls or fences.

This is a risk-free solution and perfect for first or second timers looking to grow vertically without the complications. You can grow any plant suitable to living walls – herbs are an excellent starter – and this durable polypropylene product does the absolute trick. 

Growing Revolution - Plantbox

Plantbox - Growing Revolution

Growing Revolution

Plantbox (Outdoor)
£ 60
  • 3 - 6 plants per trough
  • 100% recycled
  • Stackable

We love this PlantBox kit from Growing Revolution for a number of reasons:

  • Simplicity – you can opt for sets of 3, 5 or 10 to create a living wall up to 1.2m across
  • Installation – completely idiot-proof!
  • Self-irrigation – each planting box has a 1.8l reservoir to call upon. So don’t worry about your plants dying on your travels. And the wicking-felt prevents over-watering, with the plants only taking up water when they need it
  • Water-indicator – You’ll know when the trough’s running low
  • Planting depth (12cm) – you can host enough soil to grow larger annuals, foliage plants and perennials on top of succulents and sedums. You should need 4-5l of compost per planting trough
  • Small footprint – perfectly suited for balconies and city apartments

Plantbox (Indoor)

The Little Botanical - PlantBox Indoor


£ 210
  • 20 plants included
  • 60cm x 1m
  • 100% recycled plastic
  • 1.8l water reservoir

This indoor version of Plantbox comes with plants and soil included! 

Perfect for those of you who – like me – wants to purchase absolutely everything in the simplest possible manner. Honestly now if something isn’t from Amazon I question whether it’s worth it… But not PlantBox. This includes:

  • 5 planting troughs
  • 20 house plants
  • 5l of soil

You’ll need to purchase wall-fixing materials yourself, but that’s a small price to pay. 

Horticus Living

Horticus Living Green Wall

Horticus Living

Green Wall Kit
£ 264
  • 3 planters included
  • 46cm x 46cm x 18cm
  • Stackable

Horticus Living’s Green Wall Kit is a beautiful, compact vertical garden that fits snugly in any room. It’s simplicity to care for makes it an ideal living wall starter kit. One that consists of 3 terracotta planters and 1 frame.

And whilst we absolutely love the style of the planters – it really is perfect for first-timers and indoor use – it doesn’t come complete with plants. 

But it’s unequivocally the best looking living wall kit on the market. And the medium and large kits provide that level of flexibility too. 

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