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Our selection of the best artificial (and preserved) living wall panels

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What is an Artificial Living Wall Panel?

Living wall panels are  artificial (or preserved moss and plant) living walls designed to add a dash of colour to your living room (not wall) without the gardening faff that goes with it. 

Of course we don’t think maintaining a green wall is in fact a faff, but getting the green look at least resembles a win. Even if it doesn’t come with the air purification and mental health benefits associated with living walls

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The 12 Best Artificial Living Wall Panels

Fauxliage Landscaping - Evergreen Artificial Living Wall Panel

Our favourite artificial living wall panel



Evergreen Artificial Living Wall Panels
£ 87
  • Artificial rainforest style plants
  • 100cm x 100cm squares
  • UV resistant plastic (indoor and outdoor suitable)
  • 4kg

Fauxliage’s (fantastic name) Rainforest style Artificial Living Wall Panel  is a beautifully arranged, metre square green wall. 

The UV resistant nature makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. And the natural finish should last for up to 8 years. You can even trim the hedges to best suit your requirements. Although please do bear in mind they won’t actually grow back…

Fauxliage actually also do a lovely fern and ivy-style living wall panel too.

ETSY - Artificial Grass Panel


Artificial Grass Panel
£ 9
  • Artificial ferns and ivy-style plants
  • 60cm x 40cm
  • Durable and long-lasting - suitable for in and outdoor use
  • UK only

This Artificial Grass Panel is the best budget-friendly option on the list. 

It’s fairly basic in terms of its aesthetic appeal. But it does come in some lovely colourways – pink grass, purple grass, boxwood etc. Supremely easy to hang and assemble, this artificial living wall is a super first step in green-walling.

Artificial Hedge Panels


Artificial Leaves Hedge Panels Hedge Wall Panels
£ 32
  • Artificial hedge style panel
  • 60cm x 40cm panels
  • UV resistant plastic (indoor and outdoor suitable)
  • 6 piece set

if you’re looking for a fuss-free green wall look without any fuss or frivolities, these artificial hedge panels are perfect.

Suitable for an outdoor and indoor aesthetic – although we prefer it for the outdoor green look – these faux ivy panels are fantastic value. A great budget option for urban flat-dwellers who happen to have a spare wall.

ETSY - Classic Green Wall Panel


Classic Green Wall Panel
£ 135
  • Artificial ferns and ivy-style plants
  • 100cm x 100cm squares
  • UV Resistant
  • 4kg

GreenPanels Classic Green Plant Wall Panel (a mouthful) is arguably our favourite living wall panel on the market. It’s big, subtle and fits in almost anywhere. Both indoors and out.

The white flowers add a hint of texture to the rest of the Jurassic-style foliage and for a 1m x 1m setup, it’s cracking value.

ETSY - Luxury Green Plant Panel


Luxury Green Wall Panel
£ 144
  • Artificial ferns and white flowers
  • 100cm x 50cm squares
  • UV Resistant
  • 3kg

GreenPanels Luxury Green Plant Panel – Allure is another superb product from the same supplier. We love shopping on ETSY for almost anything. And living wall panels are no different.

This handmade, elongated artifical panel is also fern and white floral-based. Equally subtle, it’s suitable for in and outdoor use. But just fits so perfectly in a living room or above a bar / coffee station.

ETSY - Moss Art Frame


Moss Art Frame
£ 68
  • Moss-forward, circular frame
  • 50cm x 50cm squares
  • UV Resistant
  • Incredibly lightweight

GreenPanels Moss Art Frame is, for us, an indoor only panel. The bumpy textured look moss provides is incredibly unique and really brings a more flaccid wall to life. Literally. Well, as it’s artificial not quite, but you get the picture.

This super lightweight, easy to setup frame is maintenance-free and a real standout product you can hang anywhere.

ETSY - Vertigrow Moss Wall Art


Moss Wall Art
£ 120
  • Real-preserved moss and dried flowers (evergreen product)
  • Scalable - up to 90cm x 90cm
  • Interior-use only - much more suited to darker areas to prolong-life

Unquestionably the most beautiful centrepiece on the list, is made-from real preserved moss and dried flowers. So whilst it may not technically be artificial, it is entirely maintenance-free. So in our mind qualifies for this list.

Starting from £120.99, going all the way up to £705 (for a 90cm x 90cm piece), Vertigrow’s Moss Wall Art vibrant, textured frame is absolute stunning.

ETSY - Moss Green Wall Panel


Moss Wall Art
£ 157
  • Real-preserved moss and plants
  • 36cm x 97cm
  • Interior-use only
  • 8 - 10 year lifespan

PinkPlanterStudio’s Moss Green Wall Panel is handmade from preserved moss, plants and ferns.

Suitable for indoor-use only, this beautiful hypoallergenic (sort of) artificial living wall is a brilliant mixture of bright and mottled greens that provides a real textured look to walls.

Artificial Plants - Rainforest Living Wall Panel

Artificial Wall Rainforest Panel

Artificial Plants

Rainforest Panel
£ 23
  • Artificial rainforest plants
  • 4 x 25cm squares
  • UV Resistant

Artificial Plant’s Rainforest Living Wall Panel is joyous – how else can you grab a slice of the rainforest into your living space without causing deforestation?

Ultimately it looks great and you can cut the panel(s) to the shape you need! So total flexibility. And technically you could use it in or outdoors. Although we absolutely recommend in. 

Blooming Artificial - English Garden Living Wall

Blooming Artificial - English Garden Living Wall​

Blooming Artificial

English Garden
£ 20
  • 4cm thick artificial moss
  • 50cm x 50cm
  • UV Resistant

Blooming Artificial’s English Garden is arguably the perfect faux green wall for UK-based gardens. 

All the plants – ivy and ferns amongst others – are Exquisitely English and incredibly realistic. 

And whilst it’s suitable for both in and outdoor use, it looks absolutely superb in a well-lit living room. 

Evergreen Direct - Timber Trough

Evergreen Direct - Timber Trough

Evergreen Direct

Timber Trough Green Wall
£ 285
  • Lifelike silk polyester plants
  • 1.5m x 0.3m x 1m
  • UV Stabilised

Evergreen Direct’s Timber Trough Vertical Garden is probably the most unique option on the list – and the best freestanding living wall panel. And the artificial pink hued flowers and yellowy green ferns are beautiful. 

Really we would only use it indoors, but as it’s UV stabilised you could use it outdoors. And as the timber used is tanalised which means it has been pressure-treated to protect it against rotting.

There’s also a larger version that stands 2m tall costing £345. 

Dunelm - Artificial Living Wall Panel

Dunelm - Artificial Living Wall Panel​


Best Budget Green Wall
£ 7
  • (Reasonably) Lifelike flowers
  • 35cm x 35cm x 15cm

Dunelm’s natural wall panel adds a real dash of (budget) colour to your wall space. Both outdoor or indoor. And the price lends itself to almost 0 risk and a great starting point for noobies. 

With reasonably realistic leaves, this panel is a very reasonable wipe clean, living wall at a really budget price. 

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