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What are Green Roof Kits?

Green roof kits are pre-grown mats (or trays) of sedums, wildflowers and sometimes grasses that don’t require the use of an additional growing medium

So if you use a green roof kit to lay your green roof, you don’t need to buy vegetation to cover the roof or substrate. You just need to lay the mats over your roof and voila. Your roof is alive. 

The plants are typically pre-grown for up to year to ensure they arrive in peak condition and will survive the sort of brutality you can expect from UK rooftop conditions. 

The 8 Best Sedum and Wildflower Green Roof Trays

Wallbarn M-Tray Modular Sedum Wildflower Green Roof

Key Benefits

Wallbarn’s modular tray systems have arguably been the most instrumental DIY green roofing product in recent years.

This M-Tray Modular Sedum & Wildflower Kit has made designing and creating at home green roofing projects a breeze. Regardless of how big or small your roof is. Size really doesn’t matter. Although it could be quite expensive.

The mixture of low-growing perennials is hardy, low maintenance and won’t create any areas of loose substrate or debris. A strong, pre-grown root structure puts paid to that.

Wallbarn M-Tray Modular Sedum Green Roof

Key Benefits

Wallbarn’s Modular Build M-Tray is arguably the most efficient and effective way to setup a green roof. 

The sedum – green all year round – have been pre-grown, so you can bed in any time of year. Although you’ll stand the best chance in spring. 

The modules can clip together, so whether your sedum roof is 1 metre squared or 100, you’ll be able to fit them in.

Although a 100 metre square roof may be a little pricey to do modular!

Grufekit Sedum Green Roof Kit

Key Benefits

This sedum roof kit is an excellent value (almost) year round green roof kit that peaks in the summer months.

The kit is supplied with wildflower seeds that bloom in spring and summer to give you a stunning range of colours. Whilst the sedums plug the colder, wintery gaps to give you a less distressing sight in the bleaker months. 

As it’s prepared for the UK climate, there’s little danger of elemental damage and the 10 year guarantee should put your mind at ease. 

Sedum Wildflower Green Roof

Key Benefits

ANS Group’s sedum wildflower green roof is very similar to Sterling Build’s. 

The price point is more on the premium side, but the low maintenance, instant impact the pre-grown sedum and wildflower make them a fantastic option for those of us looking to improve biodiversity.

Consisting of up to 30 wildflowers and grasses – alongside up to 12 sedums – make this wildflower roof layer a hotbed for habitation.

If, like us you’re concerned about biodiversity in urban spaces, this recycled green roof kit should be top of the list. 

Grufekit Sedum and Wildflower Green Roof Tile

Key Benefits

This easy-to-fit Sedum and Wildflower Green Roof Kit consists of up to 30 wildflowers and grasses and up to 12 sedums (there’s a pattern emerging here) that provides an evergreen finish. 

The tiling system makes them easier to install than mats and the sedum – wildflower blend means that whilst some maintenance is required, you won’t be on your hands and knees crawling over your shed roof once a month.

Unless you like that sort of thing.

But you’ll get a beautiful spring and summer, whilst the sedum covers the inevitable brown leftover from solo wildflower roofs in the fallow months. Any growing medium made from 100% recycled material is alright by us too!

The Best Sedum and Wildflower Green Roof Kits

Sky Garden Sedum Blanket Kit

Key Benefits

Speaking of larger structures, you can’t do much better than Sky Garden’s Sedum Blanket.

If you have a large-ish shed or garage you’re looking to eco-fy (that’s an industry term) then Sky Garden’s range is perfect.

Complete with drainage layer, fleece, surface protector and even substrate / soil. The one stop shop for larger sedum roof projects.

There’s even a 30 metre square and a 100 metre square kit available. 

Green Roofing Wild Flower Blanket Full System

Key Benefits

Sky Garden’s Wild Flower Blanket System is the ultimate tool in encouraging beautiful biodiversity in your garden. Or wherever your shed, garage or outbuilding happens to be.

The blend of wildflowers require slightly more maintenance than sedum – deadheading, watering etc – and won’t be green year round. But it will be startling prettier AND wildlife enhancing. 

As the package comes with a fleece, substrate and drainage / water retention layer, that’s it. You’re good to go.

If you’re feeling brash there’s a 100m² version!

Fully Grown Sedum Roof Pack

Key Benefits

Sedum Supply are one of the top names in the green roof game – and this rooftop product is no different. Their Fully Grown Sedum Roof Pack is fully equipped with a drainage system and a lightweight (shallow) growing medium.

Whilst it only includes sedums (we wouldn’t recommend this for a larger project, or one that encourages wildlife habitation), it’s lightweight nature make it ideal for smaller projects or for those of you who turn your nose up at maintenance of any kind.

I know, us too! 

But you can couple this with Sedum Supply’s Wildflower Roof Pack if you’re looking for a more floral, friendly display. 

Fully Grown Wildflower Roof Pack

Key Benefits

In our humble opinion, Sedum Supply’s Wildflower Roof Pack is best combined with their Sedum Roof Pack for the ultimate, seasonal green roof. 

The wildflowers will look sublime in the spring and summer months, but will lie fallow during the autumn and winter. Hence the need for a sprinkling of sedum. 

This is a little more expensive than the sedum mix and requires a little more maintenance, so you need to be a little serious about caring for your rooftop toddlers. 

And, most importantly, the larger amount of growing medium required means your roof needs to be more structurally sound than if you were just using the sedum variety. 

Enviromat Sedum Flat Roof and Ground Kit

Key Benefits

Turf Online’s beautiful Sedum Flat Roof and Ground Kit comes complete with:

  • A root barrier
  • Specially engineered drainage mat
  • Enviromat – a pre-grown roof mat consisting of a carrier fleece, growing medium and plants

95% plant coverage is excellent and from the moment you unroll the mat, your roof will look green. Really the ease of installation and instant green coverage is what you pay the big bucks for. 

Again the key point to take away here – your roof must have a load bearing capacity of 120 kg/ metre squared to install an green roof through enviromat. And this includes the weight of live loading. 

If you hate maintenance, installation and brown, this Sedum Flat Roof and Ground Kit is absolutely perfect. 

Best Pitched Green Roof Kits

Enviromat Pitched Roof Kit

Key Benefits

Arguably the simplest kit on the list, Enviromat’s Pitched Roof Kit is perfect for roofs of 3 – 20 degrees angle.

Before ordering this kit, please ensure you need to make sure:

  • Your waterproofing is in order
  • The building can support 60kg / m² with extra for snow, foot and rainwater loading

This kit also contains:

  1. A root barrier to protect your waterproofing from root damage
  2. Water retention matting that ho9lds up to 9 litres per m²
  3. All-in-one sedum matting – a blanket with 95% sedum coverage

Enviromat Sedum Pitched Roof Kit

Key Benefits

Enviromat’s Sedum Pitched Roof Kit is perfect for roofs of 3 – 20 degrees angle.

Each of their pitched kits is specifically designed for angled roofs and the core ingredients:

  • A root barrier
  • A living carpet with more than 17 types of sedum –  grown for up to a year

Perfectly designed for sloping roofs. To ensure maximum stability and to get an instant green effect. 

If your roof is > 10 degrees, it’s highly recommend you install an irrigation system, as the slope will cause the water to drain too quickly. 

Smart Box Shed Packs

Key Benefits

Probably the most unique green roof kit on the list, Sedum Supply’s Smart Box Shed Pack – perfectly designed for roofs between 10 – 20 degrees in pitch.

Although they do also have a kit designed for roofs under 10 degrees in pitch

An all-in-one kit that comes completely put together. It comes in 4 standard sizes (up to 8 ft x 10ft) and comes complete with:

  • Black aluminium slotted trim (and connectors)
  • Grab adhesive (to join the trims to the roof)
  • Fully grown smart box system

Honestly for lazy gardeners like ourselves this is an incredible piece of it.

Just make sure you pick the right size as sending it back will be a nightmare. 

Should I use a Green Roof Kits?

Creating your own green roof can be tough. There’s no denying it. 

You’ll almost certainly need professional help to understand how much weight your roof can hold – if we’re talking about your 30 year old shed, the chances are it’s not very much – and whether you need to improve it’s structural integrity.

And that’s before we discuss the best plants (and best substrate) for your roof. Green roofs aren’t light

But there is light (of the beaming variety) at the end of the tunnel. And that light comes in the form of green roof kits

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    I inherited a sedum roof approx. 12 month ago when we purchased our new property unfortunately 10 of the trays have been smashed by what looks like some works the previous owner had carried out, the sedum and fill are all fine, do you know as to were i can purchase some of the empty trays please.

    Kind regards

    Glyn Meek

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