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About Us

Hi. We are Adelle and Harry. Or as you may more formally know us – the Green Roof Guide – and we love roofs. Not that that tells you a huge amount about who we really are or why we started GRG. And I can’t truthfully say that we love roofs. But we’re certainly very partial to the living variety. 

In reality we’re people passionate about the planet, sustainable design, Grand Designs (the noun) and creating spaces that interact better with the environment. Especially in the city.  

The benefits of green roofs are (fairly) well documented. But it wasn’t something we’d heard anything about until an episode of – you’ve guessed it – Grand Designs in the mid-tweens. 

When we discovered more about the sustainable, historical approach we decided to put our talents (writing, content creation and sustainability) into practice. 

So the Green Roof Guide was born. 

Hand holding a small green house with a young green plant growing on the roof / Ecohouse concept
Green roofs and multiple city rooftops

And our goal is to turn more and more city dwellers – successful fella(s) – into green roof aficionados. 

You have the opportunity to turn your roofs and walls into living, breathing insulators, pollutant consumers and habitats that will enrich our cities and the planet for decades to come. 

We need to learn to live with the planet. And when up to 25% of our cities are covered by roofs – with no sign of that slowing down – we believe it’s a hugely under-utilised space.

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