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At the Green Roof Guide we’re here to make improving your home or commercial project environmentally and financially as simple as possible. This living ambient layer regulates the indoor temperature, provides stability and reduces your energy consumption – all whilst encouraging diverse, personalised ecosystems. And we’re here to help you get started. 

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Green roofs help reduce emissions, provides urban green space habitats and can incorporate urban agriculture

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Reduced roof temperatures, improved insulation and an increased resistance to heat flow results in energy cost savings

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Cooler roof temperatures reduce GHG emissions from rooftop HVAC equipment and photosynthesis reduces C02 emissions


A green roof protects the roofing materials from direct weather extremes, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

About Us

Living Roof Solutions

Inspired by the continuing global climate crisis our aim is to pioneer the widespread use of green roofs across the UK.

As green space steadily evaporates, habitats are destroyed and pollution levels continue to reach unprecedented heights, we believe the use of green roofs and sustainable projects are widely under-used and under-appreciated. 

By building supplier relationships and driving change we can be a force for good. 


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Use our unique green roof comparison service to be put in touch with the best green roof suppliers across the UK. Our years of eco expertise mean you’re in safe hands. 

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